One of the most unwanted situations which may happen to you in the airport is becoming witness to a potentially dangerous object. If you happen to see a suspicious and unattended bag somewhere in the airport halls, you have to take action in order to prevent bad things. However, for many people this “take action” step may be extremely challenging as there is no knowledge of what exactly to do and whom to address.

In this article, we will try to look at the step-by-step guide for such situations so that you always know what to do and where to go. The first basic thing to identify to this end is what counts as a suspicious object. Generally speaking, it should be understood as any package, parcel, container, or another object that is suspected of being an explosive device because it is unattended and not supposed to be there. Once you saw something similar, action has to be taken!

How To Handle “Unattended Bag Situation” Properly

One of the first things to do would be not to touch the object and contact any of the airport employees. You can simply approach someone within your sight and inform him or her of your concerns. In case, this person does not take any action, try to contact the security service at the airport to work on the issue. This would be the most helpful thing for you to do.

Here Are a Few Additional Actions You May Undertake:

  • Record the time and place of the object detection;
  • Try to keep people out of the danger zone within a radius of at least 100 meters;
  • If possible, secure the suspicious object and the danger zone;
  • If necessary, provide the organized evacuation of people from the territory adjacent to the danger zone;
  • Wait for the arrival of security service officials, indicate the location of the suspicious object, the time and circumstances of its detection;
  • Further act as directed by security service officials;
  • Do not report the threat of an explosion to anyone except those who need to know about what happened, not to create a panic.

Obviously, sometimes this unattended baggage or packages simply belong to common travelers who have forgotten them. Therefore, try to approach these issues more consciously as simply forgetting stuff at the airport may cause its complete evacuation and flight delays. Be also especially attentive to the things said through the loudspeaker at the airport as they may report your forgotten bag and the faster you react to it, the better will be the outcome.

All in all, in such situations of identifying the unknown object at the territory of the airport, your actions should follow “inform – wait for action” algorithm. Do not try to solve the problem yourself as this may turn out to be extremely dangerous to your life as well as people standing close. Let professionals do their work and try to be more conscious when carrying things around the airport.

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