One of the first things everyone thinks about when entering the airplane with smiling and welcoming flight attendants is whether this trip will be safe. Obviously, great safety responsibility lies with aircraft provider as well as airplane crew. Nevertheless, each passenger has his or her saying in what is happening in the emergency situation. There are certain rules as well as recommendations for each of the passengers which will contribute to the everyone’s safety on the board.

To begin with, there is a set book of safety rules for each of the passengers to follow unconditionally. These include an obligation to refrain from smoking aboard, intentionally create emergency situations which may cause serious damage to the lives and well-being of others passengers in the plane, and also to use the life-saving and survival equipment for other purposes. Even though these may be quite clear to the majority of passengers, some still manage to disregard them.  

Flight Safety Tips For Passengers

The very first thing each passenger has to do for his or her security is to listen to the instructions from the flight attendant. It is of crucial importance that you carefully follow what they tell you during the instructions. You have to read a one-page guide on behavior in emergency placed in the pocket of the front chair. Thus, chances are, this information will come to your mind and you will make the right decisions instead of panicking if something bad happens.

Below are some additional tips for your security on the board which may not be in the general rulebook:

  • choose clothes and footwear reasonably: it may seem that high-heels are a good pick for traveling by plane as you only have to sit in these, however, they are definitely not. In emergency cases when people have to run on different both hot and cold surfaces, high heels will not help going faster or going at all. Sports shoes will always be the best pick;
  • mind your gadgets usage: when it is said that mobile phones have to be switched off and headphones not used, this has to be done. Your longing to discover more Instagram posts shall not cause a danger to the full plane of people. Make sure your electronic devices are in good condition and with chargers approved by the manufacturer as we all do not want them to cause fire onboard;
  • pay special attention to the exit doors instructions: if you are lucky to have the places by the emergency exit door, make sure to account for this responsibility in full. In some less expected cases, the lives of other people depend on how good you follow the depicted instructions. This is quite a task to handle, so make sure to learn what the instructions for this case state.

To wrap things up, in many cases each of us is hugely responsible for what is going to happen on board in the emergency situation. Therefore, knowing the safety rules to be followed as well as some of the additional tips is a must for airplane traveler.

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