Traveling is exciting if you’re going for a holiday or even on a business trip, provided that you’re not used to flying weekly. If you’re considering Britain to India flights, or as it happens most often, London to Delhi flights, you’ve probably already searched for tickets and realized that their prices differ. In fact, the differences can be downright drastic! You might see a ticket worth $300 for today and twice as much for tomorrow. So, why does it happen? There are four main points to consider:

  • Day of flight;
  • Time of flight;
  • The month of flight;
  • Sales.

Day of Flight

The reason why the plane ticket can be rather cheap tomorrow and much more expensive the day after that is that the majority of people pick specific days of the week to fly. With Britain and India, people mostly travel for vacation, whenever that might be, and to make it last longer, they pick Fridays or Saturdays for their flight.

Naturally, all airlines are well-aware of this. There are statistics pointing out on what days people travel most, and such popular destinations as London — Delhi are regarded particularly thoroughly by flight companies. Therefore, if you intend to see the beauty of Delhi or any other place in India and you would like a cheaper ticket, pick the least popular days, such as Monday.

Time of Flight

While it might seem like something minor, time of flight is actually a pretty important point. Check London — Delhi flights and you’ll see that night flights cost cheaper. The reason for explaining this is that at night, fewer people have the means to get to the airport comfortably. Cabs charge more, friends and family might be unwilling to give you a lift deeply into the night, and most importantly, you might be too sleepy to care about flying, even to such unique and historically rich destination as Delhi. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper flight, pick the nighttime.

Month of Flight   

For hot destinations like Britain — India, months are especially relevant. As it was mentioned before, the majority of people are likely to fly to India during summer, for vacation. Naturally, prices for tickets skyrocket then. Summer is the best time of the year for airlines. Holidays are also expensive. For example, during Christmas or Easter you’ll have to pay more, so watch the dates carefully.  


All airlines offer sales for tickets at one point in time. If you don’t depend on a direct date, you’ll be able to find the cheapest tickets if you look for them a month or so before your trip. Airlines might also organize spontaneous discounts for tickets, so subscribe to your airline and check the news about the sales.

Prices for London to Delhi flights vary for many reasons. If you want to travel cheaper, just take the listed tips into account and have a great trip!

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