What To Do After Exposure Of Suspicious Object In The Airport?

One of the most unwanted situations which may happen to you in the airport is becoming witness to a potentially dangerous object. If you happen to see a suspicious and unattended bag somewhere in the airport halls, you have to take action in order to prevent bad things. However, for many people this “take action” step may be extremely challenging as there is no knowledge of what exactly to do and whom to address. read more

Why Airlines Increase And Decrease Flight Ticket Prices?

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have encountered a situation when the tickets you saw yesterday were more expensive the next day. These things cannot but disappoint many of us as we do not want to pay more. However, the issue with the airline pricing is that it is not that straightforward and simple. None of the airline companies would like to openly clarify how they price their tickets as there is a complex algorithm balancing supply and demand behind. read more

Safety Rules For Airplane Passengers

One of the first things everyone thinks about when entering the airplane with smiling and welcoming flight attendants is whether this trip will be safe. Obviously, great safety responsibility lies with aircraft provider as well as airplane crew. Nevertheless, each passenger has his or her saying in what is happening in the emergency situation. There are certain rules as well as recommendations for each of the passengers which will contribute to the everyone’s safety on the board. read more

Price Differences for Plane Tickets from Britain to India

Traveling is exciting if you’re going for a holiday or even on a business trip, provided that you’re not used to flying weekly. If you’re considering Britain to India flights, or as it happens most often, London to Delhi flights, you’ve probably already searched for tickets and realized that their prices differ. In fact, the differences can be downright drastic! You might see a ticket worth $300 for today and twice as much for tomorrow. So, why does it happen? There are four main points to consider: read more